Inuit Mythology tells us about the Qalupalik (Qaluppiluik or Qallupaluit, depending on where you're from) who live under the northern sea ice.  If children get too close to cracks in the ice, they risk being kidnapped and taken away to spend the rest of their days as the playthings of the Qalupalik.

Qalupalik is a stealth/suspense game to be released in 2016 that provides a modern take on an ancient Inuit myth. Players will venture out into the ice of an early Nunavut spring in an attempt to rescue a kidnapped sibling, taken by the Qalupalik. Players will use stealth, traditional Inuit weapons and just plain guts to see their way past the horrifying creatures of legend and safely to their brothers rescue... assuming such a thing is even possible.

I don't know anyone who has ever come back from a Qalupalik kidnapping, do you?